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Nicholas Wright

Piles and Piles.

This series of black and white drawings based around the idea of piles of redundant human technology. Take the form of piles of single types of symbolic media arranged on top of each other, as if someone has been collecting them for the recyling centre. However all of this collecting of objects is a kind of constructed fiction. The original drawings created in pen and ink intend to raise a series of larger questions both climate wise as well as in Nicholas Wrights artistic practice purposefully using the mechanics of illustrative reproduction these images could easily be reproduced simply using a black and white photocopier. Is the artists seeking to point out the utterly wasteful nature of twenty first century technology? Is the use of the reproductive medium a way of almost self destroying the point of the climate change theme itself? Must artists always look towards making “great statements or is the artist trying to make a deeper statement about the cultural value of work by making copies of the original ink drawings? Does this devalue the original artworks? or only enhance the nature of the artwork itself giving the images more impact? The very nature of our culture means that these piles of redundant technology must exist somewhere will these things be the only signs of humans existence long after humanity has already wiped itself out by consumer culture?