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Niko Mitsuko is an award winning American photographer, painter, and mixed media artist. She began her artistic career at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, graduating in 2007 with a BFA in Fine Art and Photography and a BA in Film. In the past ten years she has established herself as a professional artist, working primarily with galleries in her longtime home of Portland, Oregon but also exhibiting internationally in Paris, London, and most recently Berlin, where she is now based. 

Believing that art is a way to get at the soul of modern society, Niko strives to create photographs with aesthetic, paint-like qualities, bestowing her works with abstract, surrealist, and minimalist properties.
About this work:
The Dreamer collection depicts the journey through worlds of memories, experiences, tangential thoughts and diverging feelings. The Dreamer(s) inhabit a surreal space, both creating and being consumed by the worlds they pass through. The Dreamer, like those who gaze upon it, is trapped in its consciousness and cannot escape from its own mind.
“We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream” from Eternal Stories from the Upanishads



Paula Reid “Geoscapes”

Gallery opening times 1.00pm/7.00pm Monday/Wednesday/Other days by appointment/Ring 07752294247/email/

Simple geometric shapes form the aesthetic vocabulary of all Paula Reid’s work, continually experimenting and repeating these simple underlying concepts. Using various formats and methods of image making, her work spans both traditional media and, more recently digital Collage. Paula states that these recent experiments in the digital sphere have transformed the way she works, allowing her to explore and develop more complex ideas using multi-layered imagery. Landscapes, architecture, grids, box templates, chairs, mathematical diagrams, and geometric patterns, are some of the elements featured. These new digital compositions first exhibited as part of the Wirksworth art festival 2017 offer seemingly incongruous visual combinations, becoming part of a meaningful journey into shape, space, rhythm and colour.



Joe Mckenna


22nd 29th september 2017/closing party 29th september 2017/ 7.30pm till 9.00pm

Gallery opening times 1.00pm/7.00pm Monday/Wednesday/Other days by appointment/Ring 07752294247/email/

When asked what his paintings represent Joe Mckenna states that his paintings:

“Can be likened to Simple monuments to the beauty of nature, the individual souls of the creatures captured in floating geometric forms.”

Taking much influence from Christianities early medieval reliquaries, found in churches across Europe, Mckennas beautifully rendered paintings, capture the essence of nature. In much the same way as the decorated Reliquaries from the early Christian church celebrate the remains of dead saints. Some of the smaller Christain artifacts offer a view of only the smallest finger bone, or even a single thorn thought to be from Jesus’ final crown. The surrounding over-gilt decoration, serves as an emphasizing lens on the tiny and perhaps inconsequential pieces of canonized corpse. Magnifying his own renditions of nature in the same manner. Mckenna subverts the visual language and power of these Christian curios, the nature of his paintings symbolically perhaps harking back to a more ancient history before the birth of Christianity.

Mckenna states that:

“These Christian objects are thought to have powers of healing and fortune, a closeness to a higher power, and a strength through association to the powers of creation and its greatest envoys.”

Within these shrines for lesser realized saints is a hallowed space of floating geometry echoed in Mckennas paintings these geometric forms – containing the vehicles for tiny souls, a tribute to a few hand picked examples of natures non-canonized.

He states:

“In a way they are my own small tribute – to my own religion not worth mentioning – to a power far greater than I’ve considered.”

Joe Mckennas solo show “Reliquiries” at the Hooten street project will be on show from the 22nd until the 29th of September 2017 with the closing party starting at 7.30pm on the 29th of September 2017.




22nd to 30th April 2017

“Maximalism” Nicholas Wright

Opening the Hooten street project artist Nicholas Wright is showing a selection of work from over the last five years, including anything from collages made out of argos catalogs, pipe paintings, delivishly detailed drawings and a new installation based on the idea of three dimentional “plein air” painting the show will look to survey the last five years of Nicholas Wrights creativity and see what happens when he installs all the styles together into one “Maximalist” installation.