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Jasmin Issaka

Date to be confirmed

The Hooten street project presents the work of recent Trent University graduate Jasmin Issaka her colourful illustrations and portraits have never been shown together in one room, and promise to add a touch of the phychadelic to the walls.

All accompanied by a live acoustic guitar set on the opening night from Jasmin herself.





Joe Mckenna

22nd until the 29th of September 2017 with the closing party starting at 7.30pm on the 29th of September 2017.


The zoo as a temple.

When asked what his paintings represent Joe Mckenna states that his paintings:

Can be likened to Simple monuments to the beauty of nature, the individual souls of the creatures captured in floating geometric forms.”

Taking much influence from Christianities early medieval reliquaries, found in churches across Europe, Mckennas beautifully rendered paintings, capture the essence of nature. In much the same way as the decorated Reliquaries from the early Christian church celebrate the remains of dead saints. Some of the smaller Christain artifacts offer a view of only the smallest finger bone, or even a single thorn thought to be from Jesus’ final crown. The surrounding over-gilt decoration, serves as an emphasizing lens on the tiny and perhaps inconsequential pieces of canonized corpse. Magnifying his own renditions of nature in the same manner. Mckenna subverts the visual language and power of these Christian curios, the nature of his paintings symbolically perhaps harking back to a more ancient history before the birth of Christianity.

Mckenna states that:

These Christian objects are thought to have powers of healing and fortune, a closeness to a higher power, and a strength through association to the powers of creation and its greatest envoys.”

Within these shrines for lesser realized saints is a hallowed space of floating geometry echoed in Mckennas paintings these geometric forms – containing the vehicles for tiny souls, a tribute to a few hand picked examples of natures non-canonized.

He states:

In a way they are my own small tribute – to my own religion not worth mentioning – to a power far greater than I’ve considered.”

Paula Reid

7th 13th october 2017

Paul Reid creates graphical geometric works in both paint pencil and digitally, she was recently selected for the Wirksworth festival 2017 for her print work, this show will combine a selection of her immaculately executed pieces, mixing a selection of old and new and show casing her recent forays into digital artworks.